Issues That Gay and Lesbian College Students Have to Deal With

Issues that gay and lesbian college students have to deal with can be anything from discrimination at campus events to more serious issues like conversion therapy. This is an issue that many gay and lesbian college students have to face. It can be especially painful for some to realize that there is no way to resolve the issues when they leave college and move into their careers. But, there are ways that gay and lesbian college students can fight back. These issues may be different but they are no less important.

First let’s look at conversion therapy. Many gay and lesbian college students feel that this therapy targets them because of their sexual orientation. There are actually several different therapy programs based around this subject. One program targets those who feel uncomfortable about their sexuality and about their sexual identity. The goal of this type of therapy is for the gay or lesbian individual to embrace their sexual identity and to accept their sexual orientation.

One of the biggest arguments that gay marriage opponents have is that homosexuality is a sin. They argue that a biblical scripture clearly says that homosexuality is a sin. It also points to other parts of scripture that also paint a dark picture of those who are gay. Many gay marriage opponents will bring up parts of scripture that seem to support their point of view, even if the passage in question doesn’t actually say anything about homosexuality.

One of the things that gay marriage opponents often bring up as well is the part of scripture where it seems that God does not approve of gay relationships. This passage in scripture clearly says that men should not marry men. It also says that those who do so will commit adultery. Although these statements may sound rather negative towards those who are LGBT, they are still part of scripture.

The next issue is the idea that LGBT people are promiscuous because of their sexual orientation. Again, this is simply not true. Studies have shown that gay people tend to form friendships and romantic relationships at a much higher rate than the general population. Also, studies have shown that those who are LGBT tend to date outside of their religious communities more than people who are heterosexual. So, to use this argument would be claiming that being gay is a sign of promiscuity.

Another common argument that is made against LGBT people and marriage deals with the idea that the Bible makes reference to people who enter into a same sex relationship as being unclean. The passage in question is found in the book of Genesis in the Old Testament. Many Christians believe that the reference to unclean and abnormal behavior is meant to be a commentary on how unnatural and abnormal the sexual relationship was. To suggest that being in a same sex relationship is an unclean act is something that many gay and lesbian people would agree with.

Then there is the argument that a person should not get married because it will only lead to temptation. This argument is not based on logic or fact. It is actually a religious viewpoint that was started in the middle ages by Christians. Today, it is used to justify discrimination against gay and lesbian people.

There are several issues that gay and lesbian college students have to deal with on a daily basis. These issues range from the right way to say no to physical relationships to coming out as a gay man or woman. Each issue has its own unique set of concerns. No matter what your personal opinion is, you should make sure that you are never judged by your sexual orientation. You should always be judged by your actions.