How to Tell People You’re Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual or Transgender

For a lot, telling people about their real sexual identity and how they are coping with it can be a crucial thing. It is also not easy. Thinking about telling the secret to someone can be mind-boggling, and you may have sort of questions in light of your situation.

However, every situation is different, and every family is unique too. For some, your sexual orientation and feelings are not a big issue at all. On the contrary, there are those conservative and biblically oriented people who find it hard to understand and accept what you are trying to tell them.

So you should keep in mind who you tell it and when to tell them completely.

telling friends you're gay
There can be so many questions prior to your “coming out”. With that, remember everyone is unique, so you are and everyone around you. Expect that they will have mixed reactions although there are some people who won’t care too much about what sexuality you possess. Others may just also be happy for you.

For others, they may have already noticed your distinction and were just waiting for you to tell them, and somehow it will challenge their approach towards you. They may feel worried, angry or merely aloof. A lot of them may also be in shock, denial or guilt whenever they are told that someone close to them is actually a gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. Just give them time and space to let it into their system.

Even if you have already given them the idea about your sexuality, it may still appear new to them. And you might want them to understand this important portion of your life right away and give you total support.

Be patient. You may feel like you’re required to explain these things a couple of times but don’t be inferior. They may be ready to ask questions and recognize their impressions about your coming out later on.